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    4 years ago

WHYY Newsworks and Frank Cervone discuss the need for greater child welfare reform.

“The death of a two-month old boy who was under the care of a Philadelphia Department of Human Services contractor has spurred an internal review by the contractor and an investigation from the city.

‘You see here one of the reasons why the advocacy community would like to see a more open and transparent child welfare system as well vehicles or devices like a children’s ombudsman so that people have a place to go with their complaints and that there is a mechanism in place to do investigative work so we get to know what really happened,’ Cervone says.”

Read the complete article by Shai Ben-Yaacov of Newsworks here.

Frank P. Cervone


The Greatest Feeling in the World: What Giving Does for the Giver

U.S. News and World Report recently presented studies that people who help others tend to live longer, noting that “volunteers report a greater sense of well being – of purpose and meaning in their lives – than non-volunteers.”  So too, the body knows a good thing.  New science research indicates that the immune system, endocrinal hormones that trigger compassion and happiness, and even physical ailments such as back pain respond positively and effectively to volunteering.  The lesson?  Throw away the pain pills and sign up for a case at Philadelphia VIP!

Read this complete article by Frank P. Cervone, Executive Director, Support Center for Child Advocates and Liz Wagner, a senior at La Salle University and Public Relations Intern at Support Center for Child Advocates.

Thank you to The Legal Intelligencer for sharing this message with our community!

Kristyn DiDominick

  The Greatest Feeling in the World: What Giving Does for the Giver 

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