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    4 years ago


Volunteer Highlight – James “Jim” Robinson

James “Jim” Robinson
Workplace: Gordon Rees
Practice Area: Aviation Litigation
Child Advocates Volunteer Attorney Since 1997

When asked about some of the most rewarding experiences as a Child Advocates Volunteer Attorney, Jim recalls representing the child of a teenage father and mother. Jim’s client had been removed from the young parents for her safety. After the failure of all attempts to reunify the child with her mother, and when it seemed that there was no option other than adoption, the biological father, though young, surprised everyone by turning his life around. The father obtained stable housing, a steady job, and attended parenting classes so that he could properly care for his daughter. Jim notes that being able to successfully advocate to place his client with her father was rewarding, especially when he was able to see all of the work that the father did to make reunification possible – work that changed the course of both of their lives.

In another case with Child Advocates, Jim represented a young client with complex medical needs who was removed from an abusive and neglectful mother. Throughout the case, it was a struggle to find a suitable pre-adoptive home for the child. Through diligent advocacy by Jim and his staff social worker partnered on the case, an appropriate home was found and the child was ultimately adopted. Jim recalls a memorable moment at the adoption hearing when the Judge invited the child behind the bench, and the child climbed up on his chair and began singing into the Judge’s microphone.

Jim believes that despite the horrific beginning that so many of these children have endured, they all deserve a “do-over.” Jim regards his work with Child Advocates as the most important legal work that he does. Jim also serves as a member of the Child Advocates Volunteer Committee and is a Child Advocates Board Member.

Thank you, Jim, for all you do to change the story for children!